Our 2022 DC Master Trust Report

Each year we take a close up look at the commercial DC master trust market – that’s master trusts that are open to all employers.

19 commercial master trusts took part in our research, sharing their experiences around:

  • Supporting small schemes and Value For Members (VFM) assessments
  • Member technology and the Pensions Dashboards Programme
  • Developing their strategies to meet the priorities and needs of sponsors and members

This year we’re starting to see some interesting trends developing that build on our previous research in this space. A couple of particularly interesting themes are:

  • The perceived barriers to small scheme consolidation

There’s still a belief that there’s a lack of available master trust options for small schemes and that they do not know how to make the move to a master trust. Yet the number of master trusts now supporting schemes with less than £10m in assets has doubled since 2021

  • The future of the DC master trust market

It may not be at the speed some were expecting, but our research suggests there’s still more consolidation to come.

If you would like to hear more about our latest research in the DC master trust market, get in touch with Tina on 020 8213 5860.

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