Whether you are looking to choose a new pensions administrator, master trust or actuarial adviser, we can manage the entire process and share our market insight to give you the best outcome. We engage with all stakeholders, gather all of the varying requirements and use our latest whole of market collateral and best practice process to manage the tender and identify a preferred supplier.


Even with the perfect supplier, if the implementation isn’t rigorous then things can still be far from perfection, leaving a long list of snags that never get fixed. Years of experience have given us the foresight to help keep your migration on track and achieve the best possible outcome.


An operational, value for money or governance review of your outsourced pensions administration or in-house department can include an evaluation of processes, systems, performance and contract. Outsourced providers should be formally reviewed at least every five years.


In business, a well thought-out strategy can make the difference between success and failure. This is particularly true when it comes to making important decisions like out-sourcing, in-sourcing, changing systems, de-risking or moving to a master trust. Getting a realistic balance between the company’s business, HR objectives, the Trustees’ need for prudent and compliant service delivery and engaging members can be challenging. We can help you define the vision for the future, identify approaches to meet business needs and key stakeholder expectations and establish a practical change programme to deliver the vision.

This is just a snippet of what we can do.  For more information on how we can help you get in touch




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