What we do

Go Pensions are specialist independent evaluators of pension scheme service providers such as Third Party Administrators, Consultants and Master Trusts.

Our team of pensions industry experts support clients across a range of projects including first-time outsourcing, TPA reviews, provider migrations, Master Trust selections and Flexible Benefits providers.
Our market knowledge and experience gives us great insight into provider offerings, strategy, and culture.
Our objective and unbiased approach drives real value for clients when we review and source the best fit for their scheme and members.

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Sourcing is all about selecting a preferred supplier who best meets the business needs. When considering a competitive tender exercise, it’s great to start with a good understanding of the whole market. Matching the vendors’ credentials to your needs should identify a great shortlist of potential providers. Access to intellectual capital speeds up this early step and saves considerable time and effort.
Interestingly, we find that foresight is probably the most valuable skill in the sourcing arena. Looking ahead to how a new provider might work is key as other may be other subtle changes to consider.
TPA reviews and Master Trust selections form the core of our business.



“Implementation” covers the set up of the service with the preferred provider. Whatever the change required, a structured project following robust methods with a sound governance oversight is essential to a great outcome.
The implementation needs to be rigorous from outset to avoid time slippage. A close engagement with a quality outcome is essential to avoid a long list of snags that either delay the go-live, or compromise the live environment. 
In our experience, the most common root cause of issues in professional advisers is a poor implementation – sometimes even in the form of the contract.



Professional advisers should be reviewed periodically as part of a best practice governance approach. Annual headline assessments are commonplace with deeper dive reviews undertaken every 3-5 years. TPA reviews take many forms and cover everything from operational excellence to straightforward value for money. They are a great way of validating the service you’re getting. Experience shows that small concerns are often the tip of the iceberg – review these soon to avoid a situation worsening and becoming unrecoverable.



Strategic considerations are often the start point for decision-making across Trustee and Corporate boards. When it comes to out-sourcing, in-sourcing, changing systems, de-risking or making a significant change, a sound strategy is clearly important. Indeed, a well thought out strategy can make the difference in determining a great outcome.


The Markets

Whether you are looking to choose a new TPA, Master Trust or Buy in/ out insurer there are many to choose from. Having the insight and experience in the market can help narrow these fields down without missing out on a crutual element.