Project initiation

In many ways, initiating the change project starts with the previous significant step, notably the Sourcing of the solution or provider. Prior steps should certainly line up the key change features through robust service schedules or go-live criteria. A proper initiation phase should get the project off to a great start and ensure the Project Brief and Project Plan are correctly compiled.

Prince Agile

Implementations, migrations, and purposeful change projects rarely benefit from an Agile approach. These projects have a known outcome with plannable steps and workstreams. They can adapt around emerging challenges with skilful Project Management balancing the key project variables. These projects should seek a quality outcome in a timely manner.

Delivering the project

Any form of change is tricky. It requires a robust plan of course, but also an approach which manages the change empathetically. Many people may be impacted by the changes. Matters such as TUPE should not be taken lightly. Many other variables can impact the course of a project and will need careful management to ensure the critical path is maintained appropriately.

Going live

There is far more to going live than setting a go live date. Even a well planned go live requires subtle amendment to fit precisely around business milestones and deadlines. A cut-over plan often requires multiple functions to work together to ensure the transition is smooth. Balancing the go-live with potential snag fixing is another consideration which requires skill to deliver well. It’s worth reflecting that going live is just the start … ideally of something new and exciting.