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DC Master Trust League Table 2023 ~ H2

DC Master Trust League Table 2023 ~ H2 We are pleased to provide the latest update to the Go Pensions’ 2023 DC Master Trust league table for the second half of the year. Featuring key metrics from the ‘commercial’ master trusts, the latest update reflects the position at the mid-point of 2023. This table includes…
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Go Pensions 2023 DC Master Trust Report

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DC Master Trust League Table 2023 ~ H1

DC Master Trust League Table 2023 We are excited to publish Go Pensions’ 2023 DC Master Trust league table. Featuring key metrics from the ‘commercial’ master trusts, reflecting the position at the beginning of 2023. This table includes the master trusts that are available, in principle, to all employers as a commercial proposition (industry specific…
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Pensions Third Party Administration: 2022 League tables

Below is the 2022 league table for the UK’s outsourced third party pensions administration providers, often referred to as Pensions TPAs. The data is based on 2022 figures provided by the pensions third party administration providers. The league table covers 7,945 pension schemes, with more than 19 million members benefits being administered. If you would…
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“Great things never came from comfort zones”

Fear of moving pensions administration to another third party administrator (TPA) is enough to put anyone off carrying out a market review in the first place. This can happen even when there is evidence of poor service from an incumbent administrator.
Insight and tips on how to alleviate the pain of moving administrator.

Diversity in professional trustee firms

There has been a lot of commentary in the industry recently about diversity of trustee boards. Professional Trustee (“PT”) firms represent a great many schemes, so we undertook a survey to create a start point assessment of their diversity.  The graphs below provide a snapshot of the results.  The PT population surveyed represents about 55%…
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What does great pensions administration look like?

In pursuit of great pensions administration The question we get asked most often is unquestionably “are there any good Third Party Administrators (TPAs) out there?”, followed closely by “what does top quality pensions administration look like?” To which we can respond positively – “yes, great pensions administration is out there!” With the correct expertise it…
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DC Master Trust League Table 2022 ~ H2

DC Master Trust League Table 2022 We are delighted to publish the latest Go Pensions DC Master Trust league table. This is a very active market with rapid developments and policy makers looking on from on high. Key metrics have been gathered from the ‘commercial’ master trusts to reflect the position at the 2022 half-year…
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Our 2022 DC Master Trust Report

Each year we take a close up look at the commercial DC master trust market – that’s master trusts that are open to all employers. 19 commercial master trusts took part in our research, sharing their experiences around: Supporting small schemes and Value For Members (VFM) assessments Member technology and the Pensions Dashboards Programme Developing…
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IORP II in Ireland: Are master trusts the solution?

It’s sometimes easy to forget that our neighbours in the Republic of Ireland (Ireland) remain a member state of the European Union. As such, certain types of EU legislation apply to Ireland. And whilst we in the UK have not had to worry about the latest Pensions Directive (IORP II), it looks likely to bring…
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