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TPR guidance for DB Trustees with distressed sponsors

On 12th November, The Pensions Regulator issued guidance for Trustees of all Defined Benefit schemes aimed at highlighting how to spot signs of corporate distress. The guidance goes on to offer practical advice on the action Trustees should take to protect the pension scheme if the signs materialise. The full guidance is available here. In…
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Size matters in a DB world

This article considers the developments in tPR guidance for DB schemes looking to transact with a superfund. It also looks at the alternative consolidation options available for smaller DB schemes looking to make efficiencies.

Are you ready for value for members assessments?

In this article we look at the draft requirements for Defined Contribution (DC) schemes with assets under £100 million and why you should act now if you are thinking about the move to a master trust.

Is it time for the return of the refund?

‘Small pension pots’ is certainly the current topic of discussion across the industry and experts seem almost unanimous in their concerns of the PPI’s apparent favoured option of Lifetime scheme. That got us thinking, what other options could be considered?

Supporting employee financial wellbeing in tough times

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Employee benefits in cost constrained times

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Is it time for a well-deserved thank you?

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When failure is not an option

Managing pension liabilities in a post COVID-19 world Many big-name businesses have failed since the world changed at the start of 2020. It’s easy to recount the news headlines we’ve all seen since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK in early 2020. But we must not forget the many more smaller names that will also…
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Master Trust League Table

Out of the 37 Master Trusts authorised by The Pensions Regulator (TPR), there are 25 ‘commercial’ Master Trusts. These are available, in theory, to all employers. Go Pensions carries out extensive research into the ‘commercial’ Master Trusts to support our clients with selection exercises. We have obtained permission from providers to share the headline market…
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Top tips for outsourcing your projects

Outsourcing all or part of a project can be a great way to achieve delivery at times when there is either no capacity or a skills gap in your team.  This article provides some top tips for outsourcing your projects. Choose well First consider which of your vendors has the right expertise for the job. …
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