DC Master Trust League Table 2023 ~ H1

DC Master Trust League Table 2023

We are excited to publish Go Pensions’ 2023 DC Master Trust league table.

Featuring key metrics from the ‘commercial’ master trusts, reflecting the position at the beginning of 2023. This table includes the master trusts that are available, in principle, to all employers as a commercial proposition (industry specific master trusts, or those available only to certain groups of employers are excluded).

Master TrustFUMPrevious FUM (Q3 2022)No MembersNo employers
Aon Master Trust£4,100,000,000£2,000,000,000117,00035
Aviva Master Trust£7,950,000,000£6,780,000,000440,440404
Cheviot *£156,300,000£156,300,0005,00068
Cushon (includes figures for the Workers Pension Trust and Creative Pension Trust)£1,850,000,000£1,700,000,000511,20121,899
Fidelity Master Trust£5,300,000,000£5,000,000,000146,217141
Legal and General£20,667,164,948£18,222,723,7771,686,949272
Mercer Mastertrust£7,100,000,000£5,900,000,000177,22169
National Pension Trust£1,409,165,183£1,252,116,78259,000152
NOW: Pensions£3,500,000,000£3,500,000,0002,000,00030,000
Options *£400,000,000£400,000,000240,0004,200
Scottish Widows£1,768,578,999£1,581,043,000108,55625
SEI Investments (Europe) Ltd (includes figures for the Atlas Master Trust)£1,929,270,334 £1,725,045,916155,321159
Smart Pension£2,856,000,000£2,206,000,0001,093,64386,707
Standard Life£5,547,533,896£5,224,896,132228,4411,213
The Lewis Workplace Pensions Trust£58,000,000£54,000,00014,066183
The Peoples Pension£20,000,000,000£17,600,000,0006,000,000100,000
The Pensions Trust (TPT) *£2,490,000,000£2,490,000,000288,0002,600

Updated metrics were not available from these master trusts at the time of publication. The figures shown are the same metrics as previously published.

Consolidation continues as value improves

The pace of single employer DC trusts moving into master trust has continued. The 2023 DC Master Trust league table illustrates that in the 6 month reporting period almost 5,000 new employers have moved into DC master trust, bringing with them over 1,000,000 new members. And this trend is likely to continue.

DC Master Trusts are not standing still. Propositions continue to develop. Member outcomes are at the centre of development plans. Key areas under constant review are investment options, retirement options and the member experience. In particular we are seeing some great innovation around easy access to value for money guidance and advice.

And despite propositions becoming ‘richer’ – the market is becoming more competitive. We have been surprised to see some very attractive pricing being made available, in return for very well developed propositions; often including bespoke and targeted member communications, even for the smallest of employers.

Watch this space

To complement the 2023 DC Master Trust league table, we will once again be carrying out our annual DC Master Trust survey. We expect to share the results in the summer. You can read our 2022 DC Master Trust Report here. Pensions Expert picked up some of the themes from that report in their article here.

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Interested in hearing more?

If you would like to hear more about the latest developments in the DC Master Trust market, please contact Tina on 020 8213 5860.

Information contained in this article is correct at the time of publication and may change in the future. Content from this league table may not be copied or replicated without prior consent. Please credit Go Pensions if sharing or referencing this league table.

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