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Go Pensions 2023 DC Master Trust Report

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“Great things never came from comfort zones”

Fear of moving pensions administration to another third party administrator (TPA) is enough to put anyone off carrying out a market review in the first place. This can happen even when there is evidence of poor service from an incumbent administrator.
Insight and tips on how to alleviate the pain of moving administrator.

What does great pensions administration look like?

In pursuit of great pensions administration The question we get asked most often is unquestionably “are there any good Third Party Administrators (TPAs) out there?”, followed closely by “what does top quality pensions administration look like?” To which we can respond positively – “yes, great pensions administration is out there!” With the correct expertise it…
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Our 2022 DC Master Trust Report

Each year we take a close up look at the commercial DC master trust market – that’s master trusts that are open to all employers. 19 commercial master trusts took part in our research, sharing their experiences around: Supporting small schemes and Value For Members (VFM) assessments Member technology and the Pensions Dashboards Programme Developing…
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IORP II in Ireland: Are master trusts the solution?

It’s sometimes easy to forget that our neighbours in the Republic of Ireland (Ireland) remain a member state of the European Union. As such, certain types of EU legislation apply to Ireland. And whilst we in the UK have not had to worry about the latest Pensions Directive (IORP II), it looks likely to bring…
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Are you “Value for Members” ready?

Value for members assessments are here Deadlines are fast approaching for DC Schemes under £100m to publish their Value for Members (VfM) assessments. New regulations effective from late 2021 introduced this requirement (see the guidance here). Value for members = costs, charges and investment returns Those of us involved in the pensions industry have an…
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DC Master Trusts: overcoming barriers to consolidation

The Government is pushing for consolidation of small DC Schemes (those with assets under £100m) into master trusts. But why are some small schemes holding back and what can be done to address this? The February issue of the PMI’s Pensions Aspects Magazine features an article on this subject by Tina Oversby. Findings are based…
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Go Pensions 2021 DC Master Trust Survey

The results from our latest annual DC master trust survey are now available. This year we were interested in hearing how master trusts are preparing for expected small scheme consolidation, what priorities they see from clients and prospects and more! Hear from Tina Oversby about the findings in the short video below. Our DC master…
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Bigger is better! DC schemes under pressure to consolidate

With the Government set on consolidation, it looks like it is only a matter of time before requirements are strengthened even further. Particularly, if too many DC schemes are seen to pass the VFM test.

How to know whether those involved in the operation of your pension scheme are operating with independence

This article looks at the areas to consider to gain comfort that there is an appropriate level of independence in the operation of your pension scheme. Although primarily focussed on the approach when carrying out a review of your service providers, the principles can be applied more broadly. Independence: defined as ‘the complete freedom of…
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