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“Great things never came from comfort zones”

Fear of moving pensions administration to another third party administrator (TPA) is enough to put anyone off carrying out a market review in the first place. This can happen even when there is evidence of poor service from an incumbent administrator.
Insight and tips on how to alleviate the pain of moving administrator.

What does great pensions administration look like?

In pursuit of great pensions administration The question we get asked most often is unquestionably “are there any good Third Party Administrators (TPAs) out there?”, followed closely by “what does top quality pensions administration look like?” To which we can respond positively – “yes, great pensions administration is out there!” With the correct expertise it…
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Covid-19 Lockdown and the TPA experience

In our latest survey, we have looked at what Third Party Administrators (TPAs) have experienced with the Covid-19 lockdown. Work volumes appear to be steady or modestly reduced.  This is perhaps surprising given many members will have had more time at home to think about their pension. Metrics such as service levels and right-first-time rates…
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